Ask Dexter!

Hi, my name is Dexter and this is my inaugural blog on Randy’s webpage,  Randy has asked me provide my thoughts about current events, newsworthy items, and to provide answers to legal questions sent to his webpage.


A bit about me, I am 14 years old in dog years.  I was named after a character in a television show on Showtime about a serial killer.  For copyright reasons I cannot provide the name of the television series on Showtime.


Why has he asked me to do this?  The answer is simple, I come cheap and my picture is exponentially much cuter than his picture.  So, I will be posting from time to time on his webpage in the hopes that you will link to it and your views will improve his web listing from the 312th page on the Google® search engine all the way up to the 310th page.  I anticipate my readers will number in the tens of people.


I will probably post more often in the colder months as my other job, barking at rabbits, keeps me more occupied in the warmer weather.  If you want to contact me, you can email me at  Every week or so I will chose an email or two and respond.  As I will be shocked if anyone actually submits any email, I will probably make up an email from a fictitious person and respond to that email. 


LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  One more thing, please understand that any response I give does not constitute legal advice nor creates an attorney-client relationship with Randy.  There are several reasons for this;

1.    I am a dog.

2.    Animals cannot be lawyers.

3.    Lawyers are not animals (I know, I know …).

4.    Even if dogs could be lawyers, I never went to law school or sat for the bar (or anything else for that matter).

5.    Even if I were a lawyer, I would not be a good one as I would spend all my time in the Courtroom ignoring the Judge and looking out the window at fire hydrants. Looking at hydrants would be more interesting than listening to the Judge.

6.    Randy asked me to add that the comment I made in item 5 above does not apply to any Judge or Magistrate he has ever appeared before in the past, present, or will appear in the future.  Each and every Judge or Magistrate Randy knows, has ever practiced before, or ever will practice are learned, fascinating, and wise individuals.

If you want Randy to represent you, you have to contact him directly on the information found on his page.