Family Law

The term Family Law encompasses several different types of cases. Divorces, Dissolutions, and Annulments are certainly the most common types of family law cases. But, there are others as well. There are cases in Juvenile Court which establish parenting and visitation rights for parents who were never married. Child support can be established, too.

Of course, enforcement of a Divorce Decree, Dissolution, Visitation, or Support Order after they are established is a large part of a family law practice.

And, sadly, the problem of domestic violence in the home or among ex-spouses remains a big concern. These fears can be addressed, as well.

I have noticed over the years that, next to a criminal case where someone might be going to jail, family law cases are the most emotional and difficult to find common ground. This is rightly so. Often we are dealing with how to split property, homes, and funds that took decades to develop together. More than that, there is nothing that pulls a parent’s heart strings more than the thought of not being with the kids all the time.

In my view, this type of practice requires not only experience in the law and procedures, but also a sympathetic understanding of the human costs and what parents and kids are going through.

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