Small Business Training and Investigations

My experience and numerous studies have shown that often false information is conveyed to the employees, mainly because businesses are not up on the most recent changes in the laws.

One service that my firm offers is to provide customized training to your work force. I have taught Business Law at a local community two to three times a year for 12 years. My background and teaching experience gives me an edge in training your staff, managers, or employees in the proper application of the law. And, frankly, one of the most requested training modules is what I might informally call “Teach your Supervisors Not to be Jerks” modules. We provide these services to prevent issues and are happy to discuss them with you.

There are also times when a problem arises. We can help after something happens, too. Someone might file a Complaint, whether it is safety-related, labor practice-related, or dealing with sexual harassment. We f something like this happens, it is imperative that you perform a thorough investigation and follow the protocols in documenting and responding to the complaint. I personally have a great deal of experience in performing these types of investigations. Let us know if we can help.

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